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The guests are significant people in your wedding. They are the special people in the couple’s life who will witness this unique moment up close!

In a day of so much love and joy, nothing is more just than pleasing the guests and making them feel loved and encouraging them to participate in the wedding through different activities.

With a little creativity, it is possible to choose some unique attractions, to make the wedding party even more fun and special. Some attractions, like the photo booth, act as a souvenir too.

To help you with this task, I selected some creative ideas to entertain the wedding guests. With no further ado, let’s dive in.

Caricatures and Drawings

Caricatures are an excellent idea to entertain guests and also provide a nice souvenir for them. Here, it is worth hiring a professional to do it manually or even digitally, which is much faster.

Food Truck

Food trucks are particularly trendy in wedding entertainment; in some countries, they are not yet widespread, but it is a good choice! Not only are they an original way of offering snacks to your beloved guests, but they will also help you entertain them. How about an ice cream cart?

Wedding Magician

The wedding magician, besides being playful, can be guaranteed fun for those guests who want to have fun without having to leave their tables. The magic show can be itinerant to entertain adults and children.

Live Band

Music has always brought people of all ages and cultures together. That’s what makes every party a memorable one. We would always recommend a (fantastic) live band on music on the speakers!

Photo Booth

The idea is simple and very cool, the guests have fun taking pictures with accessories like glasses, hat, signs with fun phrases, among others. A fun moment of interaction between the guests, and they still take the souvenir home.

And for the couple who want to entertain the guests, add extra charm to the decor, the photo van can make a difference, yield great instant photos for the guests and also for the couple during the wedding party or reception.


For those who like to gamble (without involving real money in betting), the casino can be an attraction of interaction and fun for the guests. Even for those who do not know how to play, it can be fun, because the companies that offer this service have professionals qualified to teach any guest.

Beauty Bar

The beauty bar is the ideal solution for guests to touch up make-up during the party. A short break to put the lipstick and blush in order is a treat for women!

Cocktail Bar

Want to add life to your wedding party, consider adding a cocktail bar, where guests can have fun and interact. You can hire a professional to setup a cocktail bar for your guests. If you’re on budget, it’s best to include low-cost drinks in the cocktail bar.

A Tattoo Station

Temporary tattoos, of course! It is an idea particularly suitable for summer weddings: order your tattoos online (you can even make them personalized), add damp sponges, a cute sign, and it’s done! Do we bet your guests will have a great time?

Final Thoughts

For those who want to minimize costs without sacrificing much, these ideas are an essential way to achieve both. Use these wedding entertainment tips to plan your wedding today with little effort.