"His magic was truly mesmerising and left the audience wanting more!"

Why A Party Magician

If you are thinking of hiring a Party magician, you must be thinking how can a Party Magician perk up your event?

George is here to help you in knowing how a magician can add more joy and laughter to your event. And most importantly, we will tell you how George Cope Magic can make your event even more enjoyable. If you are looking for the best magician around, trust me, no one can do it better than George Cope Magic. Let’s have a look at how I will make it possible!

What To Expect

No Bored Guests

omg moments

Amazing Feedback


Why Book George As Your Party Magician

Help break the ice:
With a party magician in presence, you don’t have to worry about awkward silences – George entertains different groups whilst the rest of your guests carry on their conversations. However, if the conversation does fall silent, it will be replaced with laughter and gasps of wonder – a much better atmosphere for an event!

An unforgettable and memorable experience:
George will provide your guests with the best magic that will not only amuse them, but they will be admiring your choice of a magician. George will help you in making your guests even happier at your party. Most importantly, George will make your event even more enjoyable and unforgettable experience for your guests.

Create a lively atmosphere:
George will generate an amazing atmosphere for your event. Your guests will love the magic. George is here to help you in adding more joy and laughter to your event.

More satisfied customers:
The best thing about George Cope Magic is that he has a vast list of satisfied customers. George has been performing at events for a long time, and that’s why he is proud of his magic services.

These are all the significant reasons for why you must choose George Cope Magic. George promises you that he will make your party the most unforgettable and memorable event for years to come!

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Booking Process


This can be done over a phone call or email. Preferably over call so you and George can discuss your event.


After the phone call, George will send you over a contract and the deposit invoice, both of these will need to be completed within 7 days otherwise someone else can steal your date.

Booking Confirmed

Once the contract and deposit have been paid, your date will be saved into the diary. George will then contact you within the upcoming months to your event to make sure it is still going ahead.

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